The virtual currency will look like this.

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Demonstrate gendex logical prototypes There are two logical prototypes at this link. One is USER DIRECTED LOGICAL PROTOTYPE - This has 95% of the keystrokes and help prompts, it will be expanded into a working program. The other logical prototype from the above link is SELF ANIMATING LOGICAL PROTOTYPE, a failrely good teaching program which will be finished sooner or later.

CVS is The Concurrent Versioning System, which is designed to allow many people to work on a project simultaneously
Taken from USER DIRECTED LOGICAL PROTOTYPE, find at From this Java file we will create the working software.

Download Self Animating Logical Prototype Demo Applet
A fairly good teaching program


We are just getting started. There are openings in every department. There are two things we have to work with:
1/ The User Directed Logical Prototype, has 95% of the keys, keypress prompts, and help prompts. In java, it is ready for expanding into a real, working program
2/ There is a particular Open Source program that enables storing of personal data bases on a server; it is viewed in webbrowsers. One of the key aims of our project is holds memory on a central server, projects it into a web browser, for users and members [and for that matter, to securely store financial transactions on a secure server]. We are considering use of this Open Source program. See:


History of the GENDEX organizer's Evolution



Greetings from DEXCOM. We are the designers of GENDEX electronic personal memory organizer, PDA if you like, which has as its basis all of the functions that an individual needs, as well as those which extend about the community.

This is here because we have a strong interest in your work on open systems.

One of the most valuable functions that can be created with that is the ability to list and exchange new or used goods, that is, bought, buy, sell, store, liquidate or trade.

We are working on a very interesting bank project - I think it will work out a way to pay for everything. GENDEX BANK is the cooperative bank that will operate in visible virtual reality, like the inside of a good looking video game.

GENDEX BANK has a core truth interest, and that will guide us to being appointed the guardian of the most sensitive personal data.

Allow me to make a generous offer of shares in our venture, DEXCOM. DEXCOM will be selling a unique and sophisticated PDA. Nothing new has been seen in the PDA field since 1997. We have a more usable, more advanced PDA called Gendex that is superior in every way.

It doesn't work as a business model to charge money for keeping copies of people's agendas. It is desireable to offer free to a membership group a gigantic spectrum of safely stored memory functions, kept free, paid for by the functions that are paid.

Naturally, 1/1000 part of transaction fees at the bank is divisible back to the original backers, and if you will help us with your software you can get more shares of the revenue streams.

unique and sophisticated PDA.
network of personal memory functions,
virtual reality bank



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